Who we are

Gui Tavares

Music professional and art producer based in London who produces and coordinates many of his own projects and shows, as well as working in partnership with other individuals and organisations in London and around the world. In addition to his significant work as a performer, Gui works extensively as a project manager, producer and educator. He works in a variety of formats and is constantly in demand within the wider arts community.

Laura Arantes

Actress, director and designer. Laura has worked in plays in Minas Gerais, Brazil and in London. Laura directed the show “Circus Buarque de Holanda” with Nossa Voz and Orquestra at Guildhall Music and Drama auditorium in a memorable production. As a set and costume designer she has worked on shows in London with Nossa Voz, designing visuals based on a variety of themes and set in various eras. Laura has also led performance and craft workshops in schools and with adults.

Nuno Faisca

Producer and educator. A professional actor since 2007, Nuno has also worked as Marketer, PR, Assistant Producer and Assistant Stage Manager. Nuno is a quiet, creative individual with broad experience in events organisation, logistics and dealing with the public. He is a fluent speaker of English, German and Spanish in addition to his first language of Portuguese.

Julia Kalache

Visual artist with a background in Fashion and Print design. She has worked as a costume designer and teacher of a variety of art techniques in the field of art and performing arts. In her artistic work she endeavors to capture live dance movement in drawn line and fabric both on and off stage.

David Treece

Camoens Professor of Portuguese in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at King’s College London, where he directed the Centre for the Study of Brazilian Culture and Society from 1996 to 2010. Since 2000 his work has concentrated on Brazilian popular music, and the culture and politics of race and Afro-Brazilian identity. His book Brazilian Jive: From Samba to Bossa and Rap (Reaktion, 2013) brings together these most recent research interests. At King’s he leads a research group on Brazilian popular music and he is currently researching the cultural translation of Brazilian song in the UK. David is Chair of the Council of Management of Latin America Bureau, a non-governmental news and analysis organization. He has been singing with the Brazilian vocal group Nossa Voz since 2007, and is an adviser for Creative Brazil.

Fabricio Azevedo

Instrumentalist, composer and workshop leader. An experienced music teacher and versatile musician who studied Bachelor of Music. Throughout his career and university, Fabricio has worked with renowned musicians and conductors. He specializes in percussion and drumming, playing various types of music including Classical, Latin music, Jazz and Samba Drumming. Fabricio has been playing with Vibe & Bossa Project, developing the interpretation of Bossa-Nova, Chorinhos and Northeast Brazilian Music together with Jazz and Universal music concepts.

Susannah Flack

Steel pan player and occasional vocalist based in London. Susannah trained at Glissando Steel Orchestra in London and Starlift Steel Orchestra in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Susannah specializes in Jazz, Latin and Brazilian music and performs regularly with various ensembles in and around London. She is an experienced teacher in schools and workshops with knowledge of music theory and latin culture.