We are providing educational workshops for schools: singing, percussion, African and Brazilian drumming, music, performance, drama, dance, capoeira and creative arts. Trust us to find the right activity to engage and inspire your participants. Our team visits young people in schools or private groups. We are bringing instruments and material.

The workshops are tailored to the time and educational requirements of the school/group. The session culminates in a presentation of the skills learnt. A partnership with Creative Brazil provides an opportunity to promote exciting and uplifting events and to have memorable moments.

Look below into some school workshop ideas, but we can tailor everything from scratch to the size of the artistic performance and it can be adapted to suit a specific theme or place, our experienced team is adaptable to provide the best solutions to meet the criteria of your brief. Give us a call to talk through what you have in mind so that we can help you plan it.


Creative workshops

Costume-making and Crafts, Percussion Workshops. Activities led by qualified teachers in classes running during or after school. Instruments are provided. Creating costumes from recycled materials with the aim  of teaching how old clothes can be recycled to create fancy dress, fashion jewellery and costumes. Ending with a performance, the workshop isan enjoyable challenge for young people. The facilitator may provide some additional material. The theme of the workshop can be linked to other events such as the Olympic Games, Carnival, Christmas,special dates etc.

Recy-Festa. Junk/Recyclable Percussion and Crafts. “Recy-festa” brings to children the sense of environment and being creative by reusing things for crafts. It is an intergenerational activity with workshops and performance. The workshop stimulates mental activity by encouraging participants to think imaginatively and creatively about their society and environment. As well as promoting a strong sense of group cohesion and identity, musical activities (drumming and dancing) develop motor and coordination skills stimulate all the faculties and senses and provide the added therapeutic value of integrating mind, body and spirit around a positive attitude to the physical environment inhabited by the community.

Crafts and Music Workshops. This workshop combines both arts to alternate groups to create an interesting result that can be performed within one or more days’ activity.

Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline. In order for an orchestra to sound good, all players must work together harmoniously towards a single goal, the performance, and must commit to learning music, attending rehearsals, and practicing.

Music provides children with a means of self-expression. Now that there is relative security in the basics of existence, the challenge is to make life meaningful and to reach for a higher stage of development. Everyone needs to be in touch at some time in his life with his core, with what he is and what he feels. Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression.

Mask Making. Using simple new or recyclable material with attractive colours and formats, we stimulate the creativity and individuality of participants to create something new from the patterns we offer. We’ve been amused in every workshop we have done at how imaginatively and sometimes magically the children and adults can create a new piece.

Story Telling with Puppets. Exploring folklore stories relating to Brazilian and English culture through interesting books. Also reading books to children with music  and using puppets that are either created on the day or brought with us.

Drumming workshops

drummingBrazilian or African drumming workshops. There is diversity of rhythm among different countries. We understand that each country has its own important artistic expressions and we can research these where necessary to cater for different tastes.

World Rhythm Workshops and Performances. Participatory workshops teach rhythm, singing and dancing and culminate in a performance of the music learnt. Suitable for all age groups. Can link in with existing school ensembles/projects.

Brazilian Dance or Samba Workshops

This can be pitched at different levels and in various styles, from  partner dances to “Samba no Pé” and others from different states of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Minas Gerais, etc). It can also take be used for developing simple choreography that can be used for performances or  presentations.

Drama Workshops

dramaWe bring the light of the theatre art form to any subject with games, exercises and an understanding of the historical importance of acting as an art and a  therapeutic activity that builds self esteem and brings a sense of inclusion and co-operation to a group through interaction.

Brazilian Playground


Workshop consists of an energetic and fun kids’ show based on the CD Brazilian Playground released by Putumayo records. The aim of the Project is to introduce the cultural diversity of Brazil to children using puppets and props. Maracatu, Frevo, Samba, Bossa-nova and Baião are among Brazil’s most popular musical styles. Brazilian Playground features these and other engaging rhythms that reflect the country’s diverse culture. There is the option of an extra workshop afterwards, in which the kids can help to build props and musical instruments similar to those used in the show.

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