Creative Brazil has great artists and bands which participated in many Festivals in UK and abroad, such as Amsterdam Jazz festival, Richmond Riverside Festival, The Chords Festival – Cornwall, Music Festival Cardiff, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Southbank Chorus festival. We currently have annual “Minas Heart of Brazil Festival” in London mainly at Kings College and also in various venues.

Creative brazil can collaborate or organise full shows or events. We have a traditional and modern repertoire for music. We combine dance and music to make the event complete and visual. Festive seasons are more uplifting when we bring our Brazilian/Latin vibe as entertainment for any occasion – from Brazilian Jazz to typical, popular tunes and rhythm. The diversity brings the success of some events, because every moment need to be renovated.

We provide facilitators, organizational team, structure, theme and development. Also we can provide artistic attractions such as bands, musicians, drum groups (Brazilian and African) for adults, children and families.

See in our portfolio what festivals we organised and participated