Creative Brazil works with companies, public or private organisations as a supplier or temporary works. We can provide artistic and social activities that can be related to Brazil theme, such as music, dance, show, craft and audiovisual. Our workshops and events are suited for conferences, events openings and closings, Christmas parties, icebreakers. Benefits are: increase of performance, creativity, stress management, enhances well being, problem solving, collaboration, motivation, team building. Drumming rhythm helps in collaboration and communication.

We can tailor made for you to fit the size of the artistic performance. If you choose a specific theme or place, we can adapt the format to have your 100% satisfaction. We receive the briefing and analyse it to give you a good option alongside with experienced team. Give us a call and  we can tell what we have in mind or either we could start from scratch.

Having a partnership with Creative Brazil is a great opportunity to have an exiting and uplifting way to promote trough events and have a memorable moments.

Team Building or Ice Breaking Drumming

drumming workshopBrazilian or African drumming. We are providing instruments drums with different sizes, shakers, tambourine, agogos (double bells used in samba).

Junk percussion – a use of disposable material can be part of the project to use for percussion and melodic instruments. We bring material or ask to participants to collect and bring to our activities and we can transform them in creative instruments to play together in a band or group.

Body percussion is very good to work in group to have fun and obtain a sense of rhythm.

Music Workshop

We are facilitating this to help you to create your  own music. Providing instruments or using their own ones if members have at home.

Dance Lessons

danceWe provide excellent professionals  that can teach or perform different styles and sizes of entertainment. In a relaxing environment and easy to learn, taking the stress out people learn basic steps and can dance individually, couples or groups together like a basic choreographed movements. Also free style with some supervision brings great results and make all participants happy. You are going to learn Brazilian typical dance from different regions, such as Rio de Janeiro (samba), North east (Baião, Forró, Maracatu, Congado) and Contemporary Dance.

Music Band for Parties and Events

From a single musician to a whole band (8 pieces) and DJ for the whole party, opening or closing of event. Fill up your party with Brazilian vibe.

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