Creative Brazil is committed to strengthen local communities, celebrating diversity, promoting interaction between people of different generations and cultures, developing individual and group skills and potential, developing the therapeutic possibilities of artistic creativity for people in times of stress, and promoting friendship and cooperation in the world. We draw upon the rich culture and traditions of Brazil to deliver inspiring and effective community projects which would help participants develop self confidence, promote community cohesion and well being.

We are able to tailor for you the size of the artistic performance. If you choose a specific theme or place, we adapt the format to have a 100% satisfaction. We receive the briefing and analyse it to then provide with you a good option together with an experienced team. Give us a call and we will tell what we have in mind or either way we could plan from scratch.

Having a partnership with Creative Brazil is a great opportunity to have an exiting and uplifting way to promote through events and achieve memorable moments.

Types of communities:

  • Voluntary, faith and community organisations – we are an independent group that gather people together in a sense of art, therapy, socializing and belonging.
  • NGOs and charities – we work with organizations bringing essential elements to union, strength, life from the organization (justify from their statements).
  • Women’s groups and support networks – specific groups that like to have strength through art and make the participants achieve self-steam and happiness.
  • Children and adults with special needs – all our activities are with inclusion. Special practices to adapt for special needs people to make them feeling part of society process.

Recy-Festa. Activities for All Ages, Inter-generational Activity with Workshops and Performance

recy-festa event

Recy-Festa is an important event in our portfolio. Members of the local community are invited to join a programme of collective activities where basic music exercises will be provided. Participants will learn to sing and play instruments according to their interest or will simply join in by singing along.

We will encourage deeper engagement from community members by encouraging participation in the project delivery as volunteers, facilitators or staff, according to the abilities and interests of the community participants. Project staff will preferably be recruited from the local community.

The workshop will stimulate mental activity by encouraging participants to think imaginatively and creatively about their society and environment. As well as promoting a strong sense of group cohesion and identity, and musical activities (drumming and dancing), developing motor and coordination skills, stimulating all skills and senses and providing the added therapeutic value of integrating mind, body and spirit, around a positive attitude to the physical environment inhabited by the community.

Brazilian Harmony Workshops – Singing and Instruments

We have a variety of styles that make different interests in music, such as classical, popular, upbeat, children, nursery rhymes, adult songs.

Theatre Workshop

With professional directors and teachers – we can create from a simple performance to a whole play with participants. Theatre is like music an interesting therapeutic form and an artistic activity that brings people from different backgrounds together.

Percussion Workshops

drumming workshop

Brazilian or African drumming. We can use musical instruments from the schools or provide our own instruments, such as drums with different sizes, shakers, tambourine, agogos, etc.

Junk percussion – a use of disposable material can be part of the project to use for percussion and melodic instruments. We bring material or ask to participants to collect and bring to our activities and we transform in creative instruments to play together in a band or group.

Body percussion – to develop sense of rhythm, working in group, having a new and unusual experience using only the body.

Nature Theme

We also focus in nature preservation, so we experienced having some artistic and environmental projects that generate understanding about ecosystem, interaction of people and nature, preservation and reposition.

Olympics Theme

rio olympics

Next year Brazil will be on the spot again with Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The city of Rio de Janeiro has been elected host city of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016 and paralympics games.

Following the traditional Olympic flame lighting ceremony in the Greek city of Olympia, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games, the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay will travel across Brazil for approximately 90-100 days.

We have a special program with this theme, that will be exiting for all. Our aim: drums, sing, costumes, creations related to the different nations that will take part at the event (colours, cultures, music, rhythms, people, social gathering and of course sports theme).

Language Learning

We can bring an interest of learning another language (Brazilian Portuguese) through arts. The raising interest of all ages in the UK and the cultural exchange makes the events more exciting and offer all participants something new.

Well Being and Healthy Activities

Dancing, singing – Brazil has a a very rich and vast of manifestation of dances with a variety of formats. We can explore different aspects and styles by regions and in chronological history order.

Music Band for Parties and Events

From a single musician to a whole band (8 pieces) and DJ for the whole party, opening or closing of event. Fill up your party with a Brazilian vibe.

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