Community projects, events, education,
and public and private performances

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Creative  Brazil is focused in Arts that has the aim working with community projects, events, education, and public and private performances.  
We based in North London.

The company works in a multi-cultural environment and benefits both European and minority groups.
We give both groups opportunities to interact with Brazilian arts/culture, health and food.

The arts are: music, theatre, crafts, dance, visual arts, literature and many other forms of expressions that can be used for the social environment.

Creative Brazil works in terms of sustainability, that involves a big range of partnerships and mutual cooperation.

Blow Dry

Just a few of the many services we offer

A chance to develop personal creativity and imagination

Learning to appreciate the importance of working of everyday materials

Improve self-esteem and self-confidence

Integrating mental, physical and
spiritual activities

Working together in a group setting

Encouraging an awareness of artistic potential

Co-ordination through hands-on creative work

Promoting group and community cohesion 

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Our workshops

The workshop stimulates mental activity by encouraging participants to think imaginatively and creatively about their society and environment. As well as promoting a strong sense of group cohesion and identity, and musical activities (drumming and dancing), developing motor and coordination skills, stimulating all faculties and senses and providing the added therapeutic value of integrating mind, body and spirit, around a positive attitude to the physical environment inhabited by the community. Dancing will be encouraged and some basic steps will be taught to accompany the musical performance. 

"A healthy environment produces healthy people"